Savage Brunch; Scared out of my Rifts

Adventures Log session 5

The Tower, also Gun Button!

Whelp, our dude got took. Mother fucker gone and grabbed and the magic man disappeared into the lay lines like a goddamn pussy. We did some recon and turned in info to the powers that be and followed a lead to a town. There was shopping, licking and we found out that the big fuckoff tower in the middle of town is, you guessed it, our buddies tower. So we're going to try and be quiet and sneak in hopefully without raising any alarms because we already know that we're unable to run as fast as the wizard. Aside from that we FINALLY GOT TO PRESS THE BIG BUTTON THAT SAYS "DO NOT PRESS" This was the highlight of my day. Turns out, the gun is a dude, he doesn't seem like he'd be all that fun to get blitzed with. Maybe someday.


yeyjinator misticism

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