Savage Brunch; Scared out of my Rifts

Sgt. Smush Adventure Log 04.01.17

Crazy time-out guy threw my ball. I caught it. I'm like, seriously good at that shit. I met a giant robot guy. That has a small robot guy inside of it. SWEAT IS BACK. He looks meaty and delicious. Met some crazy guy and some lady. I went pee. Wasn't really paying attention. Big sword lady and crazy hair guy. Whatever. Tiny robot talks a lot. 

I'm just going to go hang out with Wilson. Cookies? Ball is better. Whatever.

Crazy guy that makes timeout symbols in the air said we're gonna find some Landopus' "We'll encounter some, I'm sure". 

Big bad magic storm happened. Hurt my head. Sweat got smushed by big robot when we went to the cave. HAH. Oh yeah. BEETLE! I could kill it. Force field sucks. Crazy guy pushed something in the awful nasty icky water. They THOUGHT beetle was dead, I killed it though. It's leg was moving. Wilson was pretty happy. I protected him and everyone else. I won.

OO! Money!



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