Savage Brunch; Scared out of my Rifts

Adventure Log 13

Wait? What? Crence? When?

Brought the nanos back to Castle Refuge which happened to be smoking/reeling from a recent attack by the Coalition.

Sonata hustled off to save her people. We gave her a bunch of shit about it just leaving castle refuge to fend for itself reaping the rewards of allegiance but not reciprocating.

Moved the package to a sealed room with researchers. Researchers got infected and Sweat had to burn them down. Has flashbacks to his coalition days burning DB families. Had a good drink with his buddy Lorko.

Barney Rebel reached out to Fred Frightstone to let him know we are "starting a band" such to inform him we have Ph33n1cks. Responded further to let him know "Hanging out with Serenade Supernova folks. Mac can raise the dead with his skills.".

Weiss spoke with Momo about raising the dead was Siren from Serenade Supernova. Vaguely remembers someone in the crowd on the night of the concert explosion had a case that could very much have been the base guitar. Odd he was in the crowd with it.

Since nano swarm is theoretically completely destroyed by Sweat in the room so we moved on to secondary mission; saving Sonata's people. So we head off to catch up with Sonata.

We do and there are vampires, one of which is Weiss' ex lover (wasn't a vampire at the time). Barney Rebel wants to be "eaten" by a vamp in a good way, but it wasn't in a good way. Everyone was really uncomfortable unsure if to kill Lena (vampire girl) or not. Weiss pries her off Barney Rebels neck.

We came across Yeyj with 30 other people. Weiss suddenly realizes Crence's behavior changed when he was kidnapped, and that he might have had his mind overwritten and his sabotaging our efforts.

Weiss admits to the team that Vera is in his head too from the memories and shares his theory that Crence is most likely compromised.

Sonata tried to help Weiss attempt to remove Vera from his head. Vera tried to strangle Weiss with his own arm so he removed it entirely.


yeyjinator misticism

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