Savage Brunch; Scared out of my Rifts

Adventure Log 12: A visit to Stormspire

It's like the GM wasn't even trying

We’re on our way to the Stormspire to hopefully acquire the nano swarm before it’s far too late. Which it might be, because Geist is not “on the job” but we know he was tasked with acquiring the swarm with Valera died.

Valeras killswitch acquisition team: Geist, Lorena, Vlexi (half-dragon), Issac (mystic)

Stood in line for access to Stormspire arguing about if we are actually going to do the job when it comes to being time. Weiss is in his Glitterboy. Sonata did not see anyone interested in ratting about our argument.

Vlexi and Issac (connected via hive mind) eating noodles in the market.

Sonata puppets them into a nearby warehouse where Barney kneecaps them with a railgun. These guys don’t have much in the way of legs anymore.

“Nano Swarm is in the room at N 1732 E 4032 st.”

Sgt. Smush found a “Balls Deep” and a “Digi Hut” to make ball grenades and land mines

Located the nano swarm vial/box and the unfortunate Ph33nicks which led to Barney Rebel having to explain why he was somewhat familiar with what Ph33nicks is and why it might be in that particular room.


yeyjinator misticism

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