Savage Brunch; Scared out of my Rifts

Adventure Log 6
Tower Raid


Adventures Log session 5
The Tower, also Gun Button!

Whelp, our dude got took. Mother fucker gone and grabbed and the magic man disappeared into the lay lines like a goddamn pussy. We did some recon and turned in info to the powers that be and followed a lead to a town. There was shopping, licking and we found out that the big fuckoff tower in the middle of town is, you guessed it, our buddies tower. So we're going to try and be quiet and sneak in hopefully without raising any alarms because we already know that we're unable to run as fast as the wizard. Aside from that we FINALLY GOT TO PRESS THE BIG BUTTON THAT SAYS "DO NOT PRESS" This was the highlight of my day. Turns out, the gun is a dude, he doesn't seem like he'd be all that fun to get blitzed with. Maybe someday.

Rifts Session 2

Some cat lady joined us from over the hill. Sweat was upset for some reason. Whatever, cats are cool. She had scouted another village nearby of the blue people like Yeyj. They were sick. We found out they had been offered a solution to their sickness by a salesman. I suspect he caused the problem merely to exploit the money for the solution. Turns out it was coming from a rift underneath town in a cave system. I dove in. The rift was amazing. I’d never seen anything like it. I tried scraping Greg off the tubes at its base to cause its failure but ultimately we used Calenhad to shoot missiles at it and it was AWESOME!

Sgt. Smush Adventure Log 04.01.17

Crazy time-out guy threw my ball. I caught it. I'm like, seriously good at that shit. I met a giant robot guy. That has a small robot guy inside of it. SWEAT IS BACK. He looks meaty and delicious. Met some crazy guy and some lady. I went pee. Wasn't really paying attention. Big sword lady and crazy hair guy. Whatever. Tiny robot talks a lot. 

I'm just going to go hang out with Wilson. Cookies? Ball is better. Whatever.

Crazy guy that makes timeout symbols in the air said we're gonna find some Landopus' "We'll encounter some, I'm sure". 

Big bad magic storm happened. Hurt my head. Sweat got smushed by big robot when we went to the cave. HAH. Oh yeah. BEETLE! I could kill it. Force field sucks. Crazy guy pushed something in the awful nasty icky water. They THOUGHT beetle was dead, I killed it though. It's leg was moving. Wilson was pretty happy. I protected him and everyone else. I won.

OO! Money!


Rifts Session 1
"I found a button guys!"

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Started out meeting up with Crence and Yeyj. Crence informed us of our mission one week to the southeast. Cernce hesitant to talk about the specifics of the package we are helping deliver in the castle but caved. There is nano-tech from the old world that can infect and take over the host to produce hive minds. We'll be grabbing what we can and destroying the rest.

Momoko brought Weiss a stack of cookies and is uninterested in making cookies for Throttle. Weiss is excited about this.

Throttle played ball with SGT Smush, and finds Weiss awfully attractive.

Traveling, we encountered a ley line storm. Spotted a cave to take cover in. Boop tripped while hustling to cover, but Throttle was quick thinking was able to make his way back to her and carry her to safety. Sweat, however, got swept off his feet by the growing strength of wind and Weiss acting quickly managed to grab him out of the air and carry Sweat to safety.

Inside the cave we noticed an amazing metal chest with the initials VD (Varo Daverta) on it. There was a still and shimmering fury beetle on top of it. While discussing if we should try to open the chest, and planning how we are going to take care of the beetle, Throttle took a dip in the warm spring pool. Dipping under the water to see if there is more treasure, Throttle discovered a button and promptly pushed it. Coming up for air claiming that he found a button, Throttle sees that the fury beetle is now free and grabs his guns and take some shots with the warm water licking at his balls. Sweat and Yeyj locks down the fury beetle and Weiss gets the final blow.

3.3Million worth of treasure awaited in the chest with Boop making the good effort at lockpicking.


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